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The 2nd Annual
Javelina Stampede
Short-Track & NEW Cross Country
Mountain Bike Race
May 5th-6th 2018
Emmanuel Pines Camp, Prescott, AZ.

The NEW cross--country course is being layed out now, and a map will be posted asap.

2017 Race Podiums

Junior Girls 14-17                                                                 Men's Singlespeed
1st Place: Zadie Croy                                                              1st Place: Aaron Deangelis  
2nd Place: Alex Shumaker                                                      2nd Place: Dominic Schur
3rd Place: Mackensie Roberts                                                3rd Place: Brennan Johnstone

Junior Boy's 14-17                                                                Men's Open                                            
1st Place: Theo Fabian                                                            1st Place: Travis Tillery   
2nd Place: Ethan Krafft                                                           2nd Place: Tony Rose
3rd Place: Kevin Anderson                                                      3rd Place: Shawn Vaca

Rock Crusher                                                                         Elite Men/Women
1st Place: Chris Hosking                                                          1st Place: Brian Matter
2nd Place: Brent Roberts                                                          2nd Place: Paul Fabian   
3rd Place: Patrick Fraher                                                          3rd Place: TJ Woodruff
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